We summon the futures.

To play with them now.

summ( )n

We summon the futures.

To play with them now.

summ( )n
Complexier & Complexier:
Navigating Meta-Modern Wonderland

As our once-reliable models of the world yield diminishing returns, the comfort zone of 'known knowns' becomes a distant memory.

We're confronted with the escalating complexity of our own creation – turbulent societies, advanced technologies, and unpredictable forces like climate change.

In this double helix of revealed and emerging complexities, our only viable path forward is to evolve our thinking and our actions, to match the interwoven chaos of the world that we inhabit and shape.

Understanding People, Exploring Futures, and Transforming Minds
At Summ( )n, we recognize the gravity of today's global challenges - from the existential threats of climate change to geopolitical earthquakes and possible disturbances caused by new technologies.

Summ( )n is not here to sell utopia or downplay the difficulties ahead. Our partnership of experienced and passionate practitioners is committed to help innovators and creators through the uncharted territories of 'new'.

'New' can manifest in myriad ways - developing new groundbreaking products or new meaningful services, crafting fresh brands, or rethinking the new urbanity.

We help to pave the way for these ventures through our trio of transformative practices:

Understanding People, Exploring Futures, and Transforming Minds.

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Understanding People
We help to better understand people of today — what they do and how they do it, and most importantly, why they do it.

We observe how these activities unfold in real contexts, not only physical and material but also cultural and social.

To enrich your understanding, we also create opportunities for you to experience these realities firsthand, allowing you to develop your own contextual insights.

Exploring Futures
We also help in exploring futures — the futures of cultures and societies, industries and markets, and the futures of your own enterprise.

We move past typical trend spotting and forecasts, and instead help our clients to sense the future signals themselves. We then learn how to make sense of these signals together with us and create a shared understanding of what's beyond the horizon.

We help to imagine possible futures and build vivid and tangible future worlds that will inform and inspire new ideas and concepts.

Transforming Minds
Just imagining the new futures isn't enough — we also need to imagine and start creating 'new ourselves'.

We create opportunities for the teams to immerse into the new future worlds, to experience and play with them, in realistic yet (almost) risk-free settings.

This leads to a lot of new ideas and concepts, sure. But it also helps people to transform their minds toward the new (im)possible futures and to start preparing themselves for the challenges of tomorrow.

Each Quest for Futures is a customised expedition in search of both tangible results (phat loot)
and intangible rewarding experiences (XP).

We gear up for these expeditions by preparing the teams, acknowledging the risks and building on our collective expertise.

Our role is akin to mountaineering guides who walk together with the teams towards the summit, ensuring that every step taken is informed, reflective, and aimed at making a success.

Quests for Futures
Innovation Safari
Gearing up the teams
Future Glimpse
Sensing future signals

Future Worlds
Creating tangible visions
Creative Summits
Idea generation galore
Reflective Diamonds
Iterative elaboration
of concepts

Spies from Future
Immersive and believable

Our Quests for Futures are the journeys crafted together with those who dare to look beyond the dense fog of today, and who want to set a compass to point toward new possibilities.

Quests for Futures are always a commitment - not to predict the perfect future, but to prepare for and influence real-world outcomes, cultivate resilience, and adapt along the way.
It's very easy to be different, but very difficult to be better
We are practitioners who aim to be less wrong

Summ( )n was founded in 2010
by the two 'chief summoners',
Slava Kozlov and Katerina Khomenchuk
  • Slava Kozlov
    Founder & Director
    Co-founder and director of Summ( )n, Slava has 20+ years of experience of strategic innovation projects.
    He developed a range of novel methods and tools to conduct contextual research, future studies, cross-cultural and multi-stakeholder analysis, and to enable collaborative, participatory design. Slava was one of the pioneers of using 3D virtual worlds and MMORPGs in research and actively employs serious games and the social web for research, innovation, and transformation.
  • Katerina Khomenchuk
    Founder & Research Director
    Co-founder of Summ( )n, Katerina is in charge of R&D.She is a psychologist and communication guru, with many year of experience in cross-cultural and cross-generation communication, specifically aimed at changing attitudes, perception and behaviour.
  • Summ( )n Associates
    With time Summ( )n was joined by a number of Summ()n Associates from various fields (research, design and IT). They are all interested to work on the intersection of future studies and 'serious games', design and strategic innovation.

Reach: Global community of catalysts
for social changes
In 2012 Summ( )n joined an international network of agencies specialising in human-centered design research and service an innovation called Reach.

This connected us to a large community of pioneering professionals in this field and helped to participate in large-scale global projects. The network now consists of more than 20 agencies throughout the world – and it keeps growing!

They always say time changes things,
but you actually have to change them yourself.
Just a few recent projects we've done:
Together with a leading global provider
of healthcare solutions we explored
the meaning of 'premium healthcare'.

We have prepared and conducted a large strategic exercise for one of the leading
R&D centres in the area of smart textile.
We've been asked to design a training program for the e-commerce managers
of a large FMCG holding based on our serious game 'Future of e-Commerce' .
Let's talk – drop us a message at hello at summon-futures.com
We are based in Eindhoven, The Netherlands, but work globally.

We used to share our thoughts and observations
on multiple social media; most of them got rancid, though,
so we only use this one channel so far:

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